We're on a mission.

We strive for a circular economy with zero hunger & zero waste.

reduce food waste


donate 2% of each sale

increase coffee farmer income

The farmers.

We buy organic coffee byproducts from coffee farmers, helping to double their income and boost their profits.

Rainforest Alliance.

We donate 2% of sales back to the Fair Trade Certified coffee farmers in partnership with Rainforest Alliance.

Our story

Our Founder

After more than a decade in finance, Crawford, unwound a portfolio and lived on a coffee farm in Colombia. The vision for Husky was born on this journey.

Our Team

His co-founder, Adrienne, is a trained chemical engineer. They assembled a team of beverage experts and advisors to craft a uniquely healthy beverage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a circular economy where coffee farmers earn more, no coffee fruit goes to waste and consumers enjoy the health benefits and flavor.

Join us on the mission.

Each case saves 7 pounds of coffee fruit that would have been discarded and helps to double coffee farmer income.

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